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High Noon

What we offer and why we are unique


Highnoon will detect when there is an enemy and will assist your aim to hit those all important headshots.


When using the triggerbot, if an enemy crosses your crosshair, highnoon will detect the enemy and fire.

Ana Bot

Highnoons Ana bot was the first on the market, it will lock onto teammates to allow you to heal to perfection.

Profiling System

Our profiling system will allow you to save your favourite settings for all your heroes and swap quickly based on the gameplay.

Custom Scan Zones

Highnoon allows everyone to set their own custom scan zone, with a simple click and drag system, you'll be set up in no time.

Custom Offsets

Don't want to headshot? No problem, you can set your custom offsets to allow the aimbot to lock wherever you prefer.

This is Why You Will
Love Highnoon

Highnoon was designed and created to be the most advanced cheat of its kind. With regular updates and new features it's simple to see why we are the best choice.

We have a growing community and friendly staff that will help you with any problems. What are you waiting for? Come try it out and see where you can go.

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Anabot
  • McCree No-Recoil
  • Bunnyhop
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Adjust the Aim to your Imagination.

Everyone loves to add their own feel to an item. With our cheat you can do just that and more, we allow you to customize the cheat to whatever suits you the best. With our extensive menu and profiling system, you can hop between your favourite settings and heros with a couple of clicks. Should you need any help with setting up profiles, we have a dedicated community forum and a discord server full of members who can help.

Emergency Skill on Low HP!

Highnoon is the first cheat on the market to develop this feature. It allows you to use a skill when your health passes a user determined mark. This feature is great in combat if you play heroes such as Mei, Tracer or Sombra. You can escape death by using your skills to get away.

No McCree Recoil and Bunnyhop Scripts.

We have developed scripts within our cheat to help with survivability, we all know how annoying it can be to try and kill someone when they jump, this is why we offer a bunnyhop script, simply assign a key and hold it in and bounce to your hearts content. We also offer a no-recoil script for McCree to allow a near perfect aim.

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Overlay will show your current target and scan zone

Screenshot 2

Widowmaker Triggerbot and Aimbot

Screenshot 3

Tracer Aimbot

Screenshot 4

Tracer Aimbot

Screenshot 5

Bastion Aimbot

Screenshot 6

McCree Training Ground

Other Features

Some of the forgotten features of High Noon


Highnoon is one of the most customizable cheats on the market.


Highnoon offers an auto-login system when you first launch the cheat. This will remember your login credentials for your next launch.

Global On/Off Button

Our global on off button allows you to quickly turn off and on the cheat to your liking.

Regular Updates

We add regular updates to the cheat and take in our users feedback and feature requests for the next build.

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